About the Artist

Cissy & Flo Designs is about Art & Fashion, with the emphasis on creating something distinctively different.  

Cissy & Flo Designs is the creation of Saana Bourne a self-taught artist from Melbourne, with a life-long passion for being creative and launched her small business in 2020.  She dabbles in everything from painting to digital art, textile prints and has even launched her own fashion label.

The fashion label is a slow-fashion brand, advocating femininity & a striking style using quality fabrics and bold original prints that appeal to women who dress to stand out and be remembered.  The garments reflect a classic style for flattering silhouettes and the designs are cut and suited to a petite sizing starting at size 6 and up to 14.  Everything in the process is exclusively designed by Cissy & Flo, from the print design to the garment design.

Cissy & Flo Art includes original paintings, digital artwork and textile prints.

Saana’s painting style is based on ‘Intuitive Art’ which can often start without a plan, but with time and numerous layers of colour and markings on the canvas, the painting begins to emerge.

Digital prints are also created from the original paintings which are then taken on a new direction and given a whole new look.  So, it is not simply a photo of the original painting, it is another whole piece of artwork again, which can take days to complete.

Other styles of digital artwork produced vary from either a complete new original artwork, or a collage or digital mediums or reworking a photo.

With her love of bold colours and floral prints, Saana’s textile prints are typically full of lots of colour, linework and detail and she puts heart and soul into producing beautiful prints.

The brand Cissy & Flo is a tribute to 2 great aunts. Cissy was sweet and always made people smile, whilst Flo was stylish and elegant. Both were incredibly strong and independent but sincere. Their values and styles reflect the brand.

In addition, Cissy & Flo has trademarked the statement ‘Be Your Own Woman’.  Not only does this statement reflect the Cissy & Flo brand, but it underpins the brand’s intention of ensuring women are supported and nurtured. A percentage of sales relating to the ‘Be Your Own Woman’ campaigns will be given to specifically selected groups and charities that are exclusively designed to support women in need.