About Us

Stylish and elegant luxe resort clothing for the modern, independent woman

Cissy & Flo is an Australian boutique label designed with a strong styling to reflect the core of the modern woman – elegant, strong and romantic.

The vision of the label is to create bold feminine prints matched to classically designed pieces to provide a unique and sophisticated level of layering, with styling of prints and textures to create a memorable and stunning statement look.

The debut capsule collection is designed with a bold Magnolia print with luxury classic styling in mind. The collection is to be worn mix and match and able to be worn from day into night.

Inspirations for the prints are taken from bold florals with a unique hand drawn styling. The debut collection is primarily silks and future collections will be introducing silk satins and luxury natural fibers in silk cotton, linen and silk linen blends, as they are sourced.

Cissy & Flo is the creation of the Founder and Artistic Director Saana who designs both the exclusive prints and garments.

The label Cissy & Flo is a tribute to 2 great aunts. Cissy was sweet and always made people smile, whilst Flo was stylish and elegant. Both were incredibly strong and independent but sincere.   Their values and styles reflect the brand.

In addition, Cissy & Flo has trademarked the statement ‘Be Your Own Woman’.   Not only does this statement reflect the Cissy & Flo brand, but it underpins the brand’s intention of ensuring women are supported and nurtured.

A percentage of sales relating to the ‘Be Your Own Woman’ campaigns will be given to specifically selected groups and charities that are exclusively designed to support women in need.